قسمت ۴ – Ada Twist, Scientist

این داستان 

Ada Twist, Scientist

فایل صوتی

متن داستان


Said not a word till the day she turned three.

She bounced in her crib and looked all around,

observing the world but not making a sound.


She learned how to climb and made her big break,

with a trail of chaos left in her wake.

She ran through the day chasing each sound and sight,

and didn’t slow down till she conked out at night.


Her parents were frazzled – but tried not to freak –

as Ada grew bigger and still did not speak.


Clearly, young Ada, with lots in her head,

would have something to say when it ought to be said.


That’s just what happened when Ada turned three.

She tore through the house on a fact-finding spree

and climbed up the clock, just as high as she could.


Her parents yelled,


(as all parents would).


Ada’s chin quivered,

but she tried not to cry.

She took a deep breath

and she simply asked,


“Why does it tick and why does it tock?”

“Why don’t we call it a granddaughter clock?”

“Why are there pointy things stuck to a rose?”

“Why are there hairs up inside of your nose?”


She started with Why? And then What? How? and When?

By bedtime she came back to Why? once again.


She drifted to sleep as her dazed parents smiled

at the curious thoughts of the curious child,

who wanted to know what the world was about.

They kissed her and whispered, “You’ll figure it out.”



Her parents kept up with their high-flying kid,

whose questions and chaos both grew as she did.


Even Miss Greer found her hands were quite full

when young Ada’s chaos wreaked havoc at school.

But this much was clear about Miss Ada Twist:

She had all the traits of a great scientist.


Ada was busy that first day of spring,

testing the sounds that make mockingbirds sing,

when a horrible stench whacked her right in the nose –

a pungent aroma that curled up her toes.

“Zowie!” said Ada, which got her to thinking:

“What is the source of that terrible stinking?”

“How does a nose know there’s something to smell?”

“And does it still stink if there’s no nose to tell?”

She rattled off questions and tapped on her chin.

She’d start at the start, where she ought to begin.

A mystery! A riddle! A puzzle! A quest!

This was the moment that Ada loved best.


Ada did research to learn all she could

of smelling and smells – both stinky and good.


One hypothesis Ada thought could be true:

the terrible stink came from Dad’s cabbage stew!

she tested and tested, but soon Ada knew…

it was time to come up with Hypothesis Two.



Then ZOWIE! The stink struck again, just like that!

Hypothesis Two: “It’s caused by the cat.”


The cat couldn’t make such a stink on its own.

It needed perfume and some fancy cologne.

So Young Ada tested. The test was a flop.


She started again, but her parents yelled,




To the Thinking Chair – NOW! By the time we count to THREE!”

“Enough!” said her mother. “That’s it!” said her dad.

Her parents were frustrated, frazzled, and mad.

“Why-?” Ada questioned.

Her mother said, “NO!”

“What-?” Ada queried.

Her father said “GO!”

“You’ve ruined our supper! You’ve made the cat stink!

Enough with your questions! Now sit there and THINK!”

She looked at her parents. Her heart turned to goo.

Poor Ada Twist didn’t know what to do.


She sat all alone, by herself in the hall.

And Ada, once more, could say nothing at all.


And so Ada sat

and she sat

and she sat

and she thought about science and stew and the cat

and how her experiments made such a big mess.

“Does it have to be so? Is that part of success?

Are messes a problem?” And while she was thinking…

What WAS the source of that terrible stinking?

Ada Marie did what scientists do:

She asked a small question, and then she asked two.

And each of those led her to three questions more,


And some of those questions resulted in four.


As Ada got thinking, she really dug in.

She scribbled her questions and tapped on her chin.


She started at Why? and then What? How? and When?

At the end of the hall she reached Why? once again.


Her parents calmed down, and they came back to talk.

They looked at the hallway and just had to gawk.


No patch of bare paint could be seen on the wall.

The Thinking Chair now was the Great Thinking Hall.


They watched their young daughter and sighed as they did.

What would they do with this curious kid,

Who wanted to know what the world was about?

They smiled and whispered, “We’ll figure it out.”



And that’s what they did – because that’s what you do

when your kid has a passion and heart that is true.

They remade their world – now they’re all in the act

of helping young Ada sort fiction from fact.

She asks lots of questions. How could she resist?

It’s all in the heart of a young scientist.


And as for that smell? Well, What can Ada Twist do

but learn all she can with her friends in grade two?

Will they discover the stink that curls toes?

Well, that is the question.

And someday . . .

Who knows?



قسمت ۳ – Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See

متن داستان

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?

I see a red bird looking at me.

Red bird, red bird, what do you see?

I see a yellow duck looking at me.

Yellow duck, yellow duck, what do you see?

I see a blue horse looking at me.

Blue horse, blue horse, what do you see?

I see a green frog looking at me.

Green frog, green frog, what  do you see?

I see a purple cat looking at me.

Purple  cat, purple cat, what do you see?

I see a white dog looking at me.

White dog, white dog, what do you see?

I see a black sheep looking at me.

Black sheep, black sheep, what do you see?

I see a goldfish looking at me.

Goldfish, goldfish, what do you see?

I see a Teacher  looking at me.

Teacher, Teacher, what do you see?

I see children looking at me.

Children, children, what do you see?

We see a brown bear, a red bird,

a yellow duck, a blue horse,

a green frog, a purple cat, a white dog,

a black sheep, a goldfish, and a

teacher looking at us.

That’s what we see.

فایل تصویری داستان  Brown bear, brown...


حجم فایل: 12 مگ       مدت:2 دقیقه    دریافت


فایل صوتی داستان Brown bear, brown...


حجم فایل: 2 مگ مدت:2 دقیقه   دریافت


قسمت ۲ – Little blue truck leads the way

این داستان در مورد تراک آبی کوچکی است که ماشین ها را راهنمایی می کند و ترافیک گره خورده شهر را روان می کند.

Horn went “Beep”. Engine purred. Friendliest sounds you ever heard.

purr     صدای موتور

Friendliest     دوستانه ترین

Little Blue Truck rolled into the city. “Beep! Beep! Beep! Isn’t it pretty?”

rolled    غلتید

Towering buildings scraped the sky.    

ساختمانهای سر به فلک کشیده آسمان را تراشیده

“Beep!” said Blue. “The city in high!”

Zooom! roared trucks down the avenue. “The city is fast!” said Little Blue.

کامیون ها از خیابان پایین می کشیدند.

“Shove on, Shorty!” yelled a double-decker bus with big red letters: RIDES-R-US.

A grocery truck gave his horn a blast. “MOVE IT, BUD- I’M FIRST, YOU’RE LAST!”

Wooeeee… went a siren. (siren   آژیر)

“Coming through! Busy police car. things ta do!”

SWISH!  SWASH!  SWOOSH! Went a big street sweeper, Hollering, “HEY BETTER MOVE, LITTLE BEEBER!”

street sweeper     رفتگر خیابان

“MAKE WAY!” yelled a limousine (the longest car You’ve ever seen) .

“I’ve got His Honor The mayor inside. I’m important! Move aside!”

mayor     شهردار

Cars and trucks were all in a tangle. Everyone started to shout and wrangle.

tangle     گره

wrangle     دعوا کردن

Up roared a taxi. Screech went the brakes. “STOP!” yelled Blue. “For goodness’ sakes!

For goodness’ sakes!

محض رضای خدا!

You might be fast and I might be slow, but one at a time is the way to go.”

“Me first!” said the limo, all puffed with pride. Then he gave a cough and his engine died.

cough     سرفه

He was stuck right there with the mayor inside. “Beep!” said Blue. “Would you like a ride?”

stuck      گیر کردن

Everybody watching gave a shout when the door swung open and the mayor stepped out.

همه کسانی که تماشا می کردند فریاد زدند وقتی در باز شد و شهردار قدم  بیرون گذاشت.

His Honor climbed right up on Blue and gave a speech (the way mayors do).

“My friends,” he said, “what wonderful luck—– this good advise from a little blue truck!

One at a time is what we‘ll do, so single file folks—– FOLLOW BLUE!”

Truck and buses got in line with van and taxis, and it all went fine.

تراک ها و اتوبوس ها در صف قرار گرفتند همراه ون ها و تاکسی ها و همه چیز خوب پیش رفت.

A taxi let a van go past. The double-decker bus said, “I’ll go last.”

A marching band joined the big parade BOOM! went the drums, and the trumpets played.

They rolled along the avenue and every one waved to Little Blue.

آنها در امتداد خیابان غلت خوردند و همه به سمت آبی کوچک دست تکان دادند.

They clapped their hands and yelled, “HOORAY!” for the little blue truck who led the way.

clapped     دست زدند

led     رهبری کرد


فایل تصویری داستان  Little Blue Truck


حجم فایل: 27 مگ       مدت:3,25 دقیقه    دریافت


فایل صوتی داستان Little Blue Truck


حجم فایل: 3 مگ مدت:3,25 دقیقه   دریافت


قسمت ۱ – Pig the Pug

کتاب Pig the Pug داستان سگی به نام Pig است که با سگی به نام Trevor در خانه ای زندگی می کنند. Pig که سگی عصبانی و خودخواه است به دوستش Trevor اجازه نمی دهد که به اسباب بازی هایش نزدیک شود و حاضر به بازی کردن با او نیست. مجموعه داستان های کوتاه انگلیسی که در سایت قرار داده می شود از کتاب های رده سنی کودکان و نوجوانان انتخاب شده است، زیراکه در این کتاب ها از کلمات و جملات ساده و کاربردی تر استفاده می شود و برای تمرین زبان انگیسی مناسب هستند.در این پست تعدادی از کلمات و عبارات این داستان با معنی آن ها قرارداده شده است و فایل تصویری و صوتی داستان قابل دانلود است.

Pug      نوعی نژاد سگ

greedy and selfish

خسیس و خودخواه

in most every way

در اکثر جهات

wiener dog      سگ-سوسیسی

you’ve got      شما دارید

grumble      غرغر کردن

GO AWAY!      گم شو

flipped his wig

(خودمانی) دیوانه شدن،اختیار از کف دادن،از خود بی‌خود شدن

keep your paws off them

از دست زدن یا لمس کردن به (چیزی یا شخصی) خودداری کنید


نمی خواهم و قسم می خورم

And with that, he proceeded to gather his stuff

و با این کار ، او به جمع آوری وسایل خود ادامه داد

pile      توده،کپه

huff and a puff

با عصبانیت و هوف هوف نفس زدن

And once he had gathered them

یک باره آنها را جمع کرد

he howled from the top

از اون بالا زوزه کشید

satisfied smile      لبخند رضایت بخش

Now you won’t get my loot!

حالا غنیمت من را نخواهید گرفت


عملیات اکتشافی کردن،پوییدن


جنبیدن،لرزان بودن

Oh dear me.

اوه عزیزم

Watch out up there!

مراقب آنجا باشید

But the shame of it was…

اما شرم آور آن بود

…while Pig’s on the mend.

درحالیکه پیگ درحال بهبود یافتن است

فایل تصویری داستان  Pig the Pug


حجم فایل: 32 مگ       مدت:3 دقیقه    دریافت


فایل صوتی داستان Pig the Pug


حجم فایل: 3 مگ مدت:3 دقیقه   دریافت

چگونه زبانی جدید را سریع یاد بگیریم؟

یادگیری یک زبان جدید می تواند سخت باشد، اما اگر شما از تکنیک هایی خاص استفاده کنید،یادگیری سریع هر زبانی امکان پذیر است.هیچ راه جادویی و عجیبی وجود ندارد، با مقداری تلاش و تمرین مستمردر کمترین زمان می توانید یاد بگیرید. ادامه مطلب