قسمت ۲ – Little blue truck leads the way

این داستان در مورد تراک آبی کوچکی است که ماشین ها را راهنمایی می کند و ترافیک گره خورده شهر را روان می کند.

Horn went “Beep”. Engine purred. Friendliest sounds you ever heard.

purr     صدای موتور

Friendliest     دوستانه ترین

Little Blue Truck rolled into the city. “Beep! Beep! Beep! Isn’t it pretty?”

rolled    غلتید

Towering buildings scraped the sky.    

ساختمانهای سر به فلک کشیده آسمان را تراشیده

“Beep!” said Blue. “The city in high!”

Zooom! roared trucks down the avenue. “The city is fast!” said Little Blue.

کامیون ها از خیابان پایین می کشیدند.

“Shove on, Shorty!” yelled a double-decker bus with big red letters: RIDES-R-US.

A grocery truck gave his horn a blast. “MOVE IT, BUD- I’M FIRST, YOU’RE LAST!”

Wooeeee… went a siren. (siren   آژیر)

“Coming through! Busy police car. things ta do!”

SWISH!  SWASH!  SWOOSH! Went a big street sweeper, Hollering, “HEY BETTER MOVE, LITTLE BEEBER!”

street sweeper     رفتگر خیابان

“MAKE WAY!” yelled a limousine (the longest car You’ve ever seen) .

“I’ve got His Honor The mayor inside. I’m important! Move aside!”

mayor     شهردار

Cars and trucks were all in a tangle. Everyone started to shout and wrangle.

tangle     گره

wrangle     دعوا کردن

Up roared a taxi. Screech went the brakes. “STOP!” yelled Blue. “For goodness’ sakes!

For goodness’ sakes!

محض رضای خدا!

You might be fast and I might be slow, but one at a time is the way to go.”

“Me first!” said the limo, all puffed with pride. Then he gave a cough and his engine died.

cough     سرفه

He was stuck right there with the mayor inside. “Beep!” said Blue. “Would you like a ride?”

stuck      گیر کردن

Everybody watching gave a shout when the door swung open and the mayor stepped out.

همه کسانی که تماشا می کردند فریاد زدند وقتی در باز شد و شهردار قدم  بیرون گذاشت.

His Honor climbed right up on Blue and gave a speech (the way mayors do).

“My friends,” he said, “what wonderful luck—– this good advise from a little blue truck!

One at a time is what we‘ll do, so single file folks—– FOLLOW BLUE!”

Truck and buses got in line with van and taxis, and it all went fine.

تراک ها و اتوبوس ها در صف قرار گرفتند همراه ون ها و تاکسی ها و همه چیز خوب پیش رفت.

A taxi let a van go past. The double-decker bus said, “I’ll go last.”

A marching band joined the big parade BOOM! went the drums, and the trumpets played.

They rolled along the avenue and every one waved to Little Blue.

آنها در امتداد خیابان غلت خوردند و همه به سمت آبی کوچک دست تکان دادند.

They clapped their hands and yelled, “HOORAY!” for the little blue truck who led the way.

clapped     دست زدند

led     رهبری کرد


فایل تصویری داستان  Little Blue Truck


حجم فایل: 27 مگ       مدت:3,25 دقیقه    دریافت


فایل صوتی داستان Little Blue Truck


حجم فایل: 3 مگ مدت:3,25 دقیقه   دریافت

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